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Adriana studies in Cy-woods High school and is aspiring to become an educator in the field of both science and the arts. She will study Graphics Design in the University of Houston:Honors College along with a minor in technical writing. In the long run she would like to specialize in Visualization(most commonly known as animation). For the first 15 years of her life she lived in Puerto Rico and there she has attended several STEAM related programs and activities especially those involved with space . She has attended to Space Camp, Alabama, AOSA (Arecibo Observatory Space Academy), CS4 Girls (Computer Science for Girls) and the SWE (Society of Women Engineers). Many of which served as a basis to her interest in the technology field. Adriana has also worked as Science Communication TA (Teacher Assistant) in AOSA, helping and encouraging other students to progress in their research. Not only this but she has conducted previous research in AOSA titled "Video Games as a Method of Self-Guided Stress Relief: The Importance of Art and Music". These programs have also informed her on how the minority of women in computer science (ESPECIALLY HISPANICS) is very low and that it needs to be flourished and extended, inspiring her to study that field. Her experiences in these programs have also taught her several skills in technology including: working with VEX programming, Alice 3 animation, Lego Windstorm, Netlogo, Arduino and drawing/designing in Krita, Photoshop, Paint Tool SAI, FireAlpaca, Sketchbook PRO, Piktochart and creating animations with Animation HD (Apple) . She plays violin and currently plays in the Cy-woods Symphony Orchestra. As of December 30th 2016, Adriana studies in Houston. She is now luckily studying computer science at Cy-woods learning about programs such as Python,Java and Scratch and hopes and has continued through all her years. Adriana also currently is helping out Mrs. North to spread the message that coding can be used for art . She is also currently an ambassador for the Technolochicas program, where she motivates other latina girls to get into coding. In the long run she hopes to inspire more children(and adults alike) by teaching them through the magic of story telling and illustration about various subjects such as science and coding. She does it now with her current award winning comic book "System" which teaches the reader about the science of space. She also has another mini book dedicated to inspiring and empowering women in history.