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Abigail has grown up with technology all around her. She has always loved using technology in all aspects of her life and cannot wait to use it in her future career. She believes that her greatest accomplishment regarding technology was creating an online class where fellow students can share flashcards to help themselves and others succeed in school. Abigail loves this because it is accomplishing one of her most important goals: helping others. She has been told that she has helped people succeed because she has helped them understand content using her flashcards. Abigail also has an inactive YouTube channel. Although she does not upload anymore, she loves to look back and reflect on this accomplishment. In order to create videos, she taught herself how to film, edit, and upload them on YouTube. In addition, Abigail loves to take photos. She believes that photos are a way to capture a moment and keep it forever. She loves photography because she finds it the most creative way for her to express herself through technology. Abigail plans to go to college and possibly study chemistry or medical science. She has been thinking about college since 4th grade and often thinks about the choices she has for the future. Abigail is excited for her future and her journey with technology as she grows older.