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Brittany is a 17-year-old who is a senior at Clear Falls High School in League City, Texas. She will be pursuing her undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering and in computer science. She became interested in computer science during middle school. Today she is the founder of Woman in Stem Club in her high school. A club that assists women with internships, tutorial and summer programs. She collaborated with Tech Tran International and set up a program to send students to Russia to train with the cosmonauts. She also created the Stem Club at Bayside Middle School where she teaches coding, photoshop and premiere pro. Her club has 14 -18 students and meets every week on Tuesday for an hour. She also took this passion and established a Stem Club for KIPP Charter Schools of Houston, TX. Her passion took her to establish STEM Programs to underprivileged children in the country of Belize and Malaysia. She challenged herself and got her certification as a Toshiba and Fujitsu technician. She is also certified in C++, Java and Phyton. She is proficient in HTML and web design. Currently, she is working on introducing stem cells into the body to function as beta cells to help aid diabetic patients with Rice University. Her previous research involved the introduction of nanoparticles to targeted tumor cells with Houston Methodist Hospital. Her leisure time is spent volunteering at shelters and hospitals, singing, playing the guitar and on the field as a lacrosse and field hockey player. Brittany hopes that her passion for computers and medicine will one day benefit the medical community.