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One of Wendy’s favorite quotes is “If not me, then who?” This is the same quote embodied by Travis Manion, a Navy SEAL who died in combat while serving his country. She goes about her activities with such an attitude, actively trying to improve the injustices she sees. Wendy, a senior, is a co-founder of Code Girls and Programming Club at Montgomery Blair High School to teach Javascript, web development, Python, and Java in a relaxed environment. Additionally, she founded and leads SparkIT at her local library to teach young girls robotics and programming. She has been awarded nearly $10,000 in funding for her programs. Hopeful to combat inequality in STEM and open STEM opportunities to more people, she co-founded the nonprofit TechniFusion to teach, inspire, and encourage students, especially underrepresented minorities such as girls, in STEM. As a Stanford she++ #include Fellow, Wendy’s goal is to expand TechniFusion across the country. Wendy was also interviewed and featured in a nationwide video for Discovery Education’s new STEMConnect curriculum, which was distributed to educators across the country. She helped write the curriculum, contributing her own experiences in soil ecology to encourage middle schoolers to build their own project on sustainable agriculture. As someone who previously had very few connections to STEM, Wendy is disgruntled to see the lack of opportunities and the lack of STEM outreach to so many kids. She remembers when she was in middle school, and had a wonderful idea for a science project, but could not find a local science fair near her despite much searching. It wasn’t until high school that she realized there was a science fair in her county after all! No flyers, announcements, or science teachers had ever told her about the science fair! But alas, those middle school years had been wasted, and she cried. How many thousands of excited kids around the country are like her, yearning for an outlet to present their science but finding none because of the lack of outreach and opportunities? As such, her goal is to teach, encourage, and inspire more students into the beautiful world of science and technology. Most importantly, she wants to give them a foothold to grab onto STEM, so they can be drawn in and not swept away.