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Hannah is a senior at Ambassador School of Global Leadership. She was introduced into the cyber aspect of things during the end of freshman year. She had competed in the seventh and eighth season of Cyber Patriot and became a finalist in the 2015 and 2016 San Diego Cyber Mayor's Cup. Currently, she preparing her team, as team captain, for next year's Cyber Patriot season. She plans on passing her ComptiA certifications and CCNA certification. She also aims to improve her skills in coding and using Linux. Hannah will definitely be entering college and wants to achieve something in the technology aspect of things. She plans to compete in the Cyber Collegiate Defense Competition once she enters college. She is interested in the security aspect of the Internet of Everything and wishes to make the public understand the vulnerabilities of having everything connected to the Internet. She would be ecstatic to implement more security measures in end devices. She would also like to pursue a career in user experience. In her opinion, the field of technology is board and has much potential in exploration. Within the small tastes of that world, she seeks to be a pioneer in her own way.