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Anna is a student at New Century Technology High School where she studies core subjects along with technological electives such as programming and cyber security. She is full of intellectual curiousity, and loves to learn new things every day. She remains a well rounded life with a social life, good grades, and plenty of extracurricular activities. Anna is a strong leader and strives to use this to fight for those with no voice. In December of 2016, she raised more than $500 to fight human trafficking through Dressember. She is also the Junior Class Vice-President and tries to give her fellow students a voice. She places a high value on volunteering and helping others. Anna would like to be an inspiration and aid to others wanting to break out of their shell and/or enter the STEM field. Thus, she captained a team of younger girls in Cyber Patriot this year and talks to students around the city about going to technology school as a magnet ambassador. Anna plans to go to college and earn a degree in cyber security or computer engineering, and is very interested in pursuing a career in cyber forensics.