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Technology is a booming industry in today’s society, everything we do as humans is computerized, from checking out groceries to writing a school paper, we rely on programmers and engineers to provide us with the necessary technology. New job opportunities in programming arise every day, and millions work in the industry. However, only a mere twenty percent of programmers are women. The presence of women needs to be more prevalent in the enterprise, NCWIT Aspirations and a multitude of other corporations are taking a stand against this and inspiring woman to complete programming courses and follow through with a career in technology. Abigayle is one of the millions inspired to enter a career in programming and change the industry. Since a young age Abigayle has been fascinated by technology, at age five she was gifted her first computer and heavily enjoyed spending her days on it. Years later Abigayle was dabbling in web-design and self-teaching herself formatting codes for pages, by the time she entered Oakridge Middle School she knew that a job in the technology field was perfect for her. Abigayle spent three years in a business class where she became a Microsoft Specialist, not only certifying in Microsoft Word but Microsoft PowerPoint, Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Excel, it was then her fascination escalated. Luckily, Abigayle’s high school offers a Computer Programming class where Abigayle maintains an A and not only focuses on making effective programs, but beautiful and professional ones. In high school Abi is making changes, she is a representative in Student Government and enjoys volunteering her time to change the community. She is also a member of the Girls in Engineering club, in which she innovates and designs things like solar golf carts. She also is an active member of Girls Who Code and Computer Club. Abigayle enjoys using her brain both creatively and mathematically making programming the perfect subject and future for her. Abigayle is an active member of the community even outside of school, she volunteers weekly at an animal shelter cleaning cages and caring for animals, she also assists in adoptions. All together, school clubs and volunteering has taught Abigayle a lot about leadership and she hops to apply the skill to her future job. Attending college is an extremely important part of Abigayle’s future, she wants to attend Washington in St. Louis and receive a Game Development Master’s Degree. Hopefully, Abigayle can pursue a career within her passion and work for a corporate Game Development company and assist them with projects. With the help of NCWIT she hopes to inspire girls everywhere and raise the number of woman in programming from a mere twenty percent to a grander thirty or forty. The technology industry is growing fast and with hard work the number of women in it will grow as well.