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Jasmine is currently an 12th grade student attending New Century Technology High School. She was not sure about what she wanted to do when she first entered the school in 2014. Initially she planned to join the medical strand that was offered since it was what most people were planing to choose, but at the last minute she chose to switch to the computer science strand before the school year started. She did not know anything pertaining to computer science, cyber security, or computers in general before taking the class. It was one of the best choice that she has made yet because as the year continued she discovered that it was actually something that she might be interested in doing as a career. She has learned and became proficient in programming and made the decision to join the Cyber Patriots team offered at the school in 2014. She was the person who worked on the Linux operating system for her team and they placed in the Platinum division overall. It was unexpected that she would actually come to enjoy what was offered within her Computer Science Principles and Foundations of Cyber Security class because, before the course, she did not know about the importance of cyber security within the community. Surprisingly , she obtained the certificate of academic achievement in Cyber Security at the end of the year. She is currently learning to program in C++ in Software Development and plans to continue taking computer science courses throughout the rest of high school. During the summer of 2015 she was given a chance to take a networking boot camp and she was able to achieve the Cisco CCENT certification and is planning to obtain the rest of the CCNA by next year. She was the captain of her cyber security team for 2015-2016, and her team is attempting to assist the middle schools within their community set up a Cyber Patriots team within their school. She is helping them gain a better understanding within cyber security and assisting as an adviser to prepare them for their own competition. She has also chose to take the Robotics class that is offered and plans to join the FIRST Robotics team the following year. Currently she is also part of a team that is going to be competing in the EasyCTF competition that is occurring at the end of this month. She was also able to gain her IT Fundamentals and Linux + towards the end of the school year and had the chance to attend a cyber security summit that was hosted at the VBC. She also worked as a mentor at the Huntsville City Schools Cyber Security Camp and assisted with the teaching of other students with cyber concepts. After taking an interest in computer science and cyber security she is planning to attend University of Alabama in Huntsville.