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Abigail is a senior at Centaurus High School in Lafayette CO. Centaurus High School is an engineering focus school, she has taken courses in introductory engineering design, biotechnology, aerospace, and computer science. She is also an anticipated IB diploma recipient. She is the co-author of a grant winning proposal to the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space (CASIS) that allowed her to design and implement an experiment to be flown aboard the International Space Station. Once winning the grant, she became a project lead and a biology team lead. The experiment is entitled "The Effects of Simulated Gravity on Bacterial Lag Phase in a Microgravitational Environment" which was launched on SpaceX's failed CRS-7 mission. A new version of the project is being developed and is scheduled to launch to the International Space Station the summer of 2016. After high school she plans to attend college for applied mathematics or aerospace engineering.