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Lizbeth has been born in Logan country, Kentucky and was move to Immokalee, Florida where she start her life there. She was raised with a single parent where she decide that she want to earn and support her family and help out other in her life time. She now live with her mother, step-father, aunt, brother her sister now in college and no longer live in the house. At school Lizbeth age 7, was send to tell a teacher when she can across two people who would change her live forever. These two people are the computer technical and they were in a room fill with computer and hardware. They should Lizbeth to a whole new world. Years later Lizbeth goes and take a class that make her an Microsoft Office Specialist and at freshman year she join the IT academic, where she meet people like her and by the end of the year she got her Introduction to Programming. Those two people who show the world to her made a difference in her life. Now she is trying to become a Information Security Analysts to help change the world and help people around her. Trying to be the second person to be attending college and make her mom proud.