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Aishwarya Manoharan is a senior at Woodinville High School and a very passionate and determined student who aspires to be a computer scientist. As one of four girls in a class of thirty-six with no previous exposure to programming in my AP Computer Science class, she went from being just a girl in a male-dominated class to becoming completely immersed and fascinated with technology. She had the opportunity to participate in the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program over the summer of 2015 where she created an interactive animated fish by programming an Arduino with an LED Board to bring awareness to environmental conservation. After being faced with a lack of gender equality in all of her experiences related to technology, she became determined to break gender stereotypes in technology by involving in tech communities. In her junior year, she was chosen to represent her school’s CS program as a female student and was featured on Microsoft’s homepage as well as interviewed by Chelsea Clinton with Bill Clinton and other world leaders in the Clinton Global Initiative’s annual meeting. Aishwarya is also a student ambassador at a club in the library to teach programming to young girls. Her aim is to not only prove that technology is universal but also use the power of technology to make an impact on the world. With her growing skills in computer science, Aishwarya’s major goal is to reduce the impact of our ecological footprint with computer science and engineering whether through research projects in her university education or in her career. Aside from programming, she is on the Varsity High School Tennis Team and is the Senior Representative of National Honor Society and Ambassador and Commissioner of LINK Leadership in her school. She is also involved with community service organizations like Relay for Life, the local library and the YMCA.