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Luis Hernandez has been a Cyber Patriot coach for the last two years since its inception of a middle school division. Coaching at Robert F. Kennedy Community Schools has been a challenge but most importantly a learning experience. He has been able to encourage students to try new things with technology and push themselves further than they ever thought possible. While first piloting this program at RFK he was able to take a middle school team to semi-finals with nothing but the knowledge he has gained since he was a child playing with computers and technology. This year he has done the same but with the addition of expanding into a high school team as well. While working with a large range of grade levels and age differences he has realized that teaching students of all ages is possible as long as you learn how to relate the material and help the students be patient. While recruiting for this program he has also seen a large influx of female students who are excelling within the realm of computer science and hope to pursue careers within the field. Working harder then ever his next goal is to try and get as many of his students certified in Cisco, CompTia, & Linux while under his mentorship.