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Diana has been very interested in robotics for a long time, and a couple of years ago she heard about a website that contained robot recipes, and decided to try it out. The robot that she built as a result of this robot recipe (and some of her own workarounds) is one of Diana’s greatest accomplishments to date. Another achievement that Diana is very proud of is the fact that she was one of the founders of a group on the Scratch online community that designed and programmed games together. Diana and her friends founded Gray Bear Productions, and in its first year they produced and released six games. Today, their gallery contains more than 170 projects, including many works in progress. She believes that technology can be useful to everyone in one way or another, and that the potential of current and future technologies can be truly realized when more people become excited about computer science. She is working with a group to create a social networking game that focuses on teaching middle school children about computing and bio-informatics. Diana hopes that one day technology will be widely used as a major tool to educate our youth, and she aspires to create software that will help people communicate and work with each other.