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Angelica is currently a sophomore at the University of Southern California. She is majoring in cyberoperations and she is in the process of adding a “Communication Technology Practices and Platforms” minor. Angelica’s favorite class is titled “From Hackers to CEOs” where she is taught to hack into various systems ethically and responsibly. In addition to her academics this year, Angelica is in the Corpus Callosum club, a student run club at USC which fuses art and technology, creativity and logic, to create something special. Corpus Callosum convenes polymathic engineers, artists, designers, thinkers, and computer scientists to create exciting, out of the ordinary projects to showcase to the school. Angelica enjoys this club because she has a passion for computer science, yet identifies as a creative. This past summer Angelica ran her third consecutive aspire IT camp “Girls Get IT”. Angelica has had three successful, full camps and each year just gets better. She hired two trustworthy classmates, created budgets, organized an in depth two-week syllabi and designed and created swag that she gave the campers. Every year they took two field trips, one to the California Science Center and the Endeavor Space Shuttle, and another to an Escape room. She taught coding in Scratch, with the goal of sparking their interest in computer science. She was very impressed with their progress! By the end of camp, each girl could code beginner games and quizzes. It was a great success, and Angelica received terrific feedbackAngelica graduated from Brentwood School in Los Angeles in spring 2018, where she had been attending since kindergarten. Angelica took various CS classes there including AP computer science principles, Honors Programming and Software design, Honors Application Applet design, took Intro to Java, and AP Computer Science A. Angelica's passion is coding. The computer science classes are by far her favorite subject. Angelica has been on the parliamentary debate team for three years and has won first place is multiple tournaments. Since Angelica has graduated from debate she still helps with research for the team. Since Angelica was four years old she has been practicing martial arts, primarily Wushu. After ten hard years of work, she earned her first blackbelt a few years ago. She intends to test for her second degree black belt in the near future. In the meantime Angelica attends many tournaments and seminars to further her skills in various other types of martial arts. During her past few summers Angelica spends two weeks on an Native American Cherokee reservation, in Talequah Oklahoma, where she learned about her heritage and interned. Angelica worked in the archives where she organized historiography, as well as genealogy, to trace people to their Cherokee ancestors. Angelica is a proud member of the Cherokee federally recognized tribe. Over spring beak Angelica returned to the reservation to continue her work at the heritage center. Angelica loves to travel. A few summers ago Angelica went to camp at Oxford University, an hour away from London. There she majored in International Relations, where she studied current events, and minored in Psychology, learning about how people think and the reasoning behind the choices they make. The year following, she attended the same program in Paris, where she spent a month painting and furthering her knowledge in International Relations as well as architecture. After that Angelica studied in Barcelona, where she explored Business Communication. In addition to Angelicas studies abroad three summers ago she interned at Ticketmaster for a month. She was involved with the UX (user accessibility) team where she tested the user friendliness of apps and applications. Ticketmaster specializes in analytics, so Angelica worked with large amounts of data in relation to a concert. This past summer Angelica interned at GOAT sneaker trading. She was a data science intern where she collected data, found patterns and used these patterns to make changes to the website. In addition, she ran A/B tests for the “styles” page of the website. This entailed Angelica learning SQL on the job. She appreciates data science and intends to search for an internship next year where she can further apply her SQL skills. Even though Angelica is only 20 she sees herself pursuing a career in technology. It is something she has grown to be incredibly passionate about, especially when telling her friends what a great time she has been having and encouraging them to try programming as well. Since the majority of her classmates are boys she constantly urges her girl friends to join her and challenge themselves. Angelica feels strongly that anyone can and should learn to code, no matter who they are, and it is the most important skill-set she has.