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Kimberly is a 17 year old girl. She goes to The Young Women’s Leadership School of Astoria. She is in the 12th grade and is planning to go to college. She was first introduced to code, in her freshman year of high school. The first game she created was to teach little kids spanish. Her game was mainly about Farm Animals, The player had to find the animals while learning spanish. She created the game using Flash (CS6). In her sophomore year of high school she was introduced to CSS, HTML, and Javascript. Her game was about teaching others the importance of recycling and or how to recycle. In her Junior year she was put in a spanish class where her teacher Andrea Chaves was pushing her to help and teach others the basics of coding, in order for more girls to have more opportunities in the STEAM fields. Currently this year she is part of the schools First Robotics Team, where she is currently building a robot so that they can compete with others schools.