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This person right here can be described in three words: very very eccentric. In this bio, Nicole sounds much better than she actually is. But to some extent, her bio is a part of her life story. Nicole has had a knack for technology since the age of 7. Her love for technology catalyzed when she was admitted to an iD Tech camp designed for teenagers at the age of 9, where she learned about basic game design and programming. Starting at a young age, Nicole has created websites, blogs and other internet-based groups, and moved on to managing websites for businesses and companies. She started a group on that accumulated over 1000 members. Later, Nicole joined her middle school's Science Bowl team, she became fascinated with the facts learned in the various areas of science and started an online community that has amassed to over 2000 people. Today, Nicole is on her high school's FRC Robotics Team, The Fembots, as a Java programmer and team captain. On her Robotics team, she has made pitches to local businesses for sponsorships and has outreached the robotics program to local high schools. Nicole is passionate about spreading STEM awareness to her school and beyond, and has presented in front of local high schools. Nicole has studied Harvard's online CS50 Course, studying languages including C, C++, Java, and HTML/CSS. She serves as a technology intern for her school in the current transition to technology, and is also a communications intern to manage the school website, write and publish articles pertaining to school life, and represent the student body on social media. Nicole is currently building a mobile app as part of a team to create a tutoring app for students. Outside of everything above, Nicole utilizes her knowledge in technology and her personal talents both in her community and online, working as a technology specialist and virtual assistant. Nicole runs her own online business for fun: Narwhal Company, an online service and consignment reseller that partners with manufacturers and companies around the world -- from places like Israel, China, and New Zealand -- to sell items at a retail price, and offers transcription, tutoring, and article-writing, and has grossed in over $30,000 in sales. In addition to Narwhal Company, Nicole also runs TechNarwhal, a technology blog where my team of 8 writers post useful information related to business and technology. Nicole has a lot of plans for the future, and her main one is to (hopefully) study Computer Science. So far, Nicole has applied to Columbia University, New York University, and Northeastern University. Shine on!