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What do Justin Bieber, Jamaica, and asteroid 2001 VS78 have in common? They all fueled Alexandra's passion for technology. Alexandra loves to use technology to create large projects. In 2011 she downloaded software to create a seven-minute, 28-instrument arrangement of Justin Bieber songs, which now has over 15,000 views. During the summer of her freshman year, Alexandra installed a computer lab in an underprivileged all-age school in Jamaica. She especially enjoyed training the students on how to use the computers--she still keeps in touch with them online today. When Alexandra had the chance to take AP Computer Science as a junior, she knew she had found her passion. She quickly picked up JAVA, taking her knowledge to an "Hour of Code" event, where she taught elementary school students basic programming concepts. Alexandra also teamed up with students in her AP Computer Science class for Microsoft's "Hunt the Wumpus" competition, where she served as project manager and wrote code for the central game control. This past summer, Alexandra applied her background in programming to her passion for astronomy as part of the Summer Science Program (SSP) in Santa Barbara, California. She captured images of asteroids and wrote programs in Python to calculate their orbit, with data from observations being sent to the Harvard-Smithsonian Minor Planet Center. Alexandra plans on majoring in computer science for her undergraduate degree, then going on to pursue an MBA with an emphasis in Information Technology, ultimately becoming a CTO of a start-up company.