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Yael is a freshman at Harvard College and a prospective CS major. Born in Israel, she moved to the Silicon Valley at age 9, where she was exposed to the technological innovation and bold creativity revolutionizing her world. She was inspired by her father, then a CEO of a tech start-up, her Tech Trek camp experience, and her surroundings to get involved in STEM at a young age. Yael fell in love with pure mathematics during the summer of her freshman year of high school when she attended PROMYS, a 6-week math camp in Boston, MA. Her love for number theory only grew as she returned to PROMYS for the following three summers to do pure math research and support students as a Junior Counselor. Yael says her favorite part about doing math is the collaboration it involves and the creativity it requires. Math continues to develop her problem-solving skills and understanding of the order behind the integers. Additionally, Yael has found interest in the overlap between theoretical mathematics and computer science. She used her self-taught Java programming skills to optimize the search engine for Check Inc., her dad’s company. This year, she learned the basics of website development and API use through Harvard's Intro to Computer Science, CS50. Yael hopes to continue her CS studies this semester and beyond. Regardless of the career path Yael chooses to take, the invaluable skills and diverse perspectives she has gained from STEM will influence her approach to any field.