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Ariel is a sophomore at Ingraham High School. She is the Captain and Lead Programmer of her high school's FTC team, team 7462 End of Line. As Lead Programmer, Ariel tutors new team members on programming in RobotC and is expanding the reach of her instructions by creating a binder of coding exercises and a practice website for hands-on independent study. While she uses RobotC for FTC, her favorite programming language is Java, which she largely taught herself as a freshmen by studying from an AP review guide. She is looking forward to using Java on her high school's FRC team, team 4030 Null Pointer Exception. Outside of school, Ariel enjoys developing coding projects for herself, from specification to implementation. Her latest project was an app that manages students and their schedules at her school. She had a lot of fun making it and is now learning how to write apps for Apple devices. She hopes to release her first app to the Apple App Store by the summer. She plans to attend a college with strong STEM and liberal arts programs where she can pursue both her love of computing and writing. She hopes to continue working with robots and to start learning about artificial intelligence so she can make those robots more useful.