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Holly is a senior at Munster High School in Munster. Her parents inspired her interest in computer science. Ever since she was a little girl, they established for her a technical environment, encouraging her to build different types of robots. Holly participates in the Science Olympiad, where she combines her knowledge of computer science, material science, robotics, mechanics, and electronics to solve problems. When she's not experimenting with Amateur Radio or volunteering at the Fire Department, she can probably be found tweaking the sensors on her robot. Holly has been a significant contributor on her robotics team for the last 8 years, where she's learned about computing from both the software and hardware perspective. She is also involved in the field of alternative energy. For the past two summers, she competed, alongside her family, in the Alternate Power Initiative Vehicle Race and completed the 5 mile course this last year recieving first along with best design. Holly would like to attend Purdue and is considering computer hardware engineering as a possible field of study. She is interested in virtual reality and how it may relate to robotic systems. She would also like to show others the fun and benefits of science in the same way it was shown to her: by mentoring a FIRST team or becoming involved in science related projects that benefit others. Holly's teacher, Keith Koszut, writes, 'Her achievements through her High School career are remarkable.'