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Sandra is a former NCWIT Aspirations Award winner and current security software engineer at Bloomberg LP, with specialization in identity and access management, and network security. Sandra is best known for her work with EMSTrack CRUZ ROJA, where she helped create a mobile app to replace EMS radio systems. In high school, she was a First Robotics world championship finalist, and Stanford #include winner for her work in developing electronic wheelchair attachments, as well as her commitment to providing diverse computer science education. She has taught computer science fundamentals, beginner programming, and robotics to refugees in San Diego and in Germany, and to girls of middle and high school age in New Jersey. In college, Sandra had several software and hardware internships where she worked on Internet of Things (IoT) and versatile Hydroponics systems. Sandra is Bloomberg’s Quantum Computing Coordinator, and is responsible for partnerships and collaborative work between top players in the Quantum field - including IBM, Princeton, Rigetti, NYU, Columbia, and Bloomberg. She is presently the Documentation and Frontend Lead for a NSF-backed research project between Columbia University and Bloomberg LP to develop a Quantum Compiler. She is very excited for the future of Quantum Computing, and is a two-time summer mentor for NYU’s High School Quantum internship, as well as a present mentor for Columbia’s Introduction to Quantum Computing summer course. Sandra likes puzzles and helps create them for her company’s intern puzzle challenge. She is a Bloomberg recruiter for her alma matter, UC San Diego. Sandra hopes to continue her work and research in Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning.