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Nour is 14-year old female, a 10th grader student at Citadel High school. She had accomplished a lot with regarding to technology, mathematics, and engineering. Nour participated in multiple hackathons, including Diversity and Inclusion, Banking and Finance. She also got featured and worked along with GDG Halifax, Women in Tech. Nour has participated in Hour Of Code featuring Microsoft; an hour long program getting you started into the basics, and help you creatively and initially build a project from zero. Nour has participated in Young Women As Engineers in DAL and received a set of electronics, including an Arduino set that she programs and develops on constantly. She got in touch with graphic design and visual art, which became a day to day hobby and improved her time management skills. She digitally draws, studies 3d models and elements in various Adobe products such as Illustrator, After Effects, Photoshop, and different plugins like Element 3d, Orb, Duik Bass, and Flow. Nour is studying and developing early digital and technical skills to become an Electrical and Electronics Engineer at Dalhousie University. By getting in touch and involved with a lot of mechanics and sciences, she is willing to focus more on innovation, enhancing her creativity, looking at different perspectives, and developing concepts both digitally and in real life to help her and others who would find a potential in this mindset. She will focus on more math related formats and projects, such as wirings, calculating motor functions, width, depth, and height, reference images, building and construction, and much more to help visualize, set, and solve any problems that come aboard.