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Rebecca is a highly driven, independent, creative grade 12 student from Oakville, working to leave her mark on the earth. She has proven not only to herself but to people around her that she is highly capable of self-driven motivation. She never really believed in herself, until graduating grade 8, when she received an award for the highest math mark at school, and ever since, she realized her capability and has worked harder and harder each day, to reach many goals. Rebecca has worked hard throughout her years of high school to achieve amazing marks, especially in computer science. As she developed her skills in not only python but also java, she came to realize her love for the course and computers in general. Rebecca has participated in the grade 11 Waterloo math competition, PICOctf mini cybersecurity competition 2020, UFT global engineering competition 2020, and plans this year to participate in the grade 12 Waterloo math competition and the grade 12 Waterloo computer programming competition, and many other mini programming competitions. Not only is she academically qualified but Rebecca is also a leader within her community. She got chosen to represent her school as the prefect captain in grade 12, to help organize school events for the younger students. She is also apart of the equity and social justice committee, which is a committee that meets to discuss ways to make her community a better and more inclusive environment. On the side, Rebecca also has shown a passion for Hockey and has been playing competitively for Oakville Hornets her whole life. As she grows up in life, Rebecca doesn’t just want to be any other person, she wants to leave a mark on this earth. She is interested in software engineering, mechatronics engineering and of course computer science. As she takes on one of these pathways, she is hoping to use her knowledge to solve problems. Rebecca wants to create A.I, that deals with solving worldwide issues, and unsolved theories. There as so many things in this world that can be improved with A.I, that will change the world forever, and Rebecca wants to be apart of that. As Elon Musk said, “I think it's possible for ordinary people to choose to be extraordinary”.