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Ana is a high school student who is passionate about computer science, technology, and learning in general. She started with Python at a young age and since then has created projects in multiple programming languages (Arduino, Python, C#) which can be seen on her GitHub. She has completed and received certificates for multiple online courses, such as HarvardX's CS50, CS50g, and CS50AI. She has also completed courses in embedded systems, electronic interfaces, and Realtime Bluetooth networks. Ana enjoys working on projects at home, such as her Puff-Suck Interface for Fast Text Input which became a finalist in the 2018 Hackaday Prize. She is currently working on a Discord bot to send reminders by parsing natural language. As well as working on projects at home, she enjoys working with others and has placed first or second in three team Hackathons in which she made Unity games and web applications. She has captained successful teams in PicoCTF, JRMPC Smalltalk Competition, and Technovation Girls. Over summer, she attended the Invent the Future AI4All summer camp and learned the fundamentals of AI with a human-centered focus. Ana hopes to continue on this path and pursue a major in software engineering or computer engineering at university to extend her knowledge and open opportunities as well as help her decide on a more specific strain of computing. Currently she is most interested in AI and robotics.