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Ispeeta Ahmed is a grade 11 student in rural Nova Scotia, Canada. She is a curious STEM learner and believes that everyone should not only be a consumer of technology but rather a creator. Ispeeta's interest in technology specifically started in grade 9, when she became the only girl in her school's robotics team. After all other members graduated, she was tasked to revamp the school's robotics team. She was able to get more girls to join and place in the top 10 in the provincial competition that very same year. Ispeeta is an Ambassador for Canada Learning Code (CLC), a national organization dedicated to improving digital literacy to all in the country. Ispeeta firmly believes in the importance of technology and tries to host many workshops in her community. She has taught middle school kids, student teachers and was in charge of showing all grade nine girls in her school robotics, coding, and to open up a dialogue of women in STEM careers. Ispeeta has also had the privilege to learn HTML and CSS from CLC, which compelled her to create her website (Connect 2 Change; about social issues) from scratch. From her website building experience, she also learned about creating a content management system using MySQL and PHP. Ispeeta is also an active participant in her regional science fairs, her latest project creating a radon detector, which earned the Nova Scotia Institute of Science Medallion. Overall, she is passionate about STEM and aspires to use the fantastic aspects of technology in her career as a biomedical engineer!