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Ever since her brother taught her how to play video games at a young age, Louise has been interested in computing and all that comes with it. This interest was only heightened when she entered her grade nine computer tech class, and was soon asked to become a member of the school's CyberTitan team. Although nervous about joining at first, Louise soon realized that her decision to join the all-girl rookie team, the FalconTech Terabytches, was the right one. The Terabytches went on to become the top female team in Canada, and landed a spot in the national finals. This achievement drew widespread national attention, and the team scored the front spot on their local newspaper, and multiple interviews from the CBC. Louise recently became the captain of the team, leading them in her final year of high school. Apart from cybersecurity, Louise also has a great interest in video game development and design. In her first year of Software Engineering, Louise took on the responsibility of creating the UI for both of the games the class was making, and was extremely active throughout the online portion of the semester, while also juggling many online IT support tickets for her school. Louise has also recently taken an interest in electronics, something that daunted her in the early years of high school. Her most recent achievement was designing, coding, and building a signaling system for a model railway track that uses changes in resistance to indicate the position of the train. For the future, Louise is looking at University programs and jobs that involve cyber security, coding, game development and design, sound design, and music. Her main goal is to become a game developer or cyber security expert, and she is planning to go to Queen's University for their Computing program.