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Isabella was born October 2nd, 2005. She aspires to become a software computer programmer. Her early experience in being introduced to computer science was when she first started using scratch in elementary school, and soon became exposed to new and other exciting languages such as Java and Python. One of the achievements that Isabella is very proud of is her second-place award in a district scratch competition. The theme was "dance off," and the project was also an assignment for her eight-grade comp sci class. Isabella is also proud of achieving first place in another scratch competition called "Scratched The Surface" hosted by the Fort Bend ISD and Code Ninja in January 2019. The requirement was to create an Escape Room-like game and it was a partner project. Isabella was responsible for creating the sprites, debugging the game, and creating some codes for the program. Isabella and her partner won the first-place prize and were awarded a free enrollment for a programming course which taught JavaScript. Isabella is currently attending Elkins High School, and she is taking classes in computer science to learn more about Java and improve to her skills. In the future, Isabella plans to create her very own video games and entertainment programs for many others to enjoy. She also hopes to find a way to integrate her hobbies, such as sewing and art, with computers and programming so she can enjoy all of them at the same time. Isabella wants to become a software programmer with a big focus on entertainment. She plans to attend a 4-year college, and aspires to study game design, as well as building computers.