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Anupama is a high school senior at Amherst Regional High School in Amherst, Massachusetts. She is interested in computer science and its applications to life sciences and public health. She restarted the Science Olympiad club at her school in 2018, and the team finished in the top ten in the state competition. She is also the captain of an all-female engineering team that participates in the TEAMS competition annually. She has completed UC Berkeley’s Data Science series online and earned a professional certificate in Foundations of Data Science. She has also worked in a UMass molecular biology lab studying the function of genes in Drosophila Melanogaster. She attended the UMass Turing Program, where she worked on creating mobile health applications. She currently works for an electronic health records startup that aims to increase data security and recommend treatments to patients. She also enjoys creative writing, playing Indian Classical violin, and painting.