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Audrey Ruffin has been drawing, painting, and creating pieces of art with the things around her since her earliest years. She recently has been experimenting with Photoshop to expand her artistic capabilities. Audrey understands that digital art is the future of art and that it provides her with opportunities to share her art with a much wider audience. In the 5th grade, created a website for a school project and is comfortable with the process today. Audrey is also passionate about creating videos. She shoots multiple small clips, edits and arranges them to go with the audio or music in the background to make a video that derives a satisfactory response from the viewers. This hobby started back in 2014, when she was in seventh grade, creating 6 second clips on the app called Vine. Audrey is preparing for her future; she has planned out a side business to pursue combining her art and technology. Audrey uses social media platforms to sell her masterpieces.