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Anya is currently in 9th grade and has a strong interest in the STEM fields. When she was in 3rd grade, she won a gold medal in the Girls Rock in Math and Science competition. She was selected for the Burke Girls in Science program in 6th grade. On the basis of the SAT exams she took in 7th grade she was labelled as a student of exceptional talent by Johns Hopkins University's Center for Talented Youth (CTY). She was selected by the Davidson Institute for exceptionally gifted kids as a Davidson young scholar. She was one of 60 kids nationally to be selected for the THINK summer camp in Reno, Nevada for exceptionally gifted kids, where she successfully completed 2 college level courses in the summer after 7th grade. In 7th grade she learned Python 1 and 2 level programming and also learned 2 D game programming at Digi Pen. In 8th grade she attended YEA! Young Entrepreneurs Academy at the Bellevue Chamber of Commerce where she was awarded $400 by investors for her design of a newer car seat to reduce risk of hot car seat deaths. She is currently in discussion with CoMotion Labs at University of Washington to develop a prototype for the car seat. She considers this her biggest technical achievement due to its potential to save children's lives. Due to her love for STEM field she applied for and is currently enrolled in Tesla STEM high school where her favorite subjects include computer science, physics and graphic production. Her future plans are to major in computer science and biomedical engineering in college and use computer modelling to use SiRNA and CRISPER technologies to create new treatment options for cancer. Anya has a passion for learning languages, and is fluent in Hindi, and is also learning Sanskrit, Arabic, and Spanish. She also likes expressing herself through music and plays the oboe at the debut level of the Seattle Youth Symphony. She is also passionate about women empowerment and won 9th place nationally in the National history day competition for her essay highlighting a patriotic warrior queen and her inspirational influence on women in India.