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Anne (who prefers to go by Annie) is currently a junior at Newport High School. She loves to be involved and holds leadership positions in several STEM and non-STEM related clubs. Annie has two great passions: politics and computers and has found a way to combine them through the Junior State of America (JSA) club. After she joined Junior State of America, Annie was chosen to publicly debate political issues (such as affirmative action and gerrymandering) at their conferences, and was humbled to recently win a best-speaker award. This year, she was delighted to be competitively selected as Director of Technology at the regional level for the Pacific Northwest (Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana states). In her role, Annie bears the sole responsibility for managing a computer app and website used by roughly 400 JSA members across four states. She finds it gratifying to use her coding talents to transform the information from her planning sessions with the directors of other departments such as debate, logistics and convention, into a user friendly app and website. In addition to JSA, Annie is President of the Girls Who Code chapter at her school. As president, she is responsible for planning, preparing and leading weekly lessons to a group of girls who are also passionate about coding. The club also serves as a venue for discussing technology issues. Beginning next month, Annie will be starting a new role as a computer instructor for Seattle Advocates for Education. As a JAVA instructor, she will be responsible for preparing and leading weekly lessons for local middle and high school students. She hopes she will be challenged with questions to make her re-think what she thinks she already knows about this computer language. Outside of STEM, Annie enjoys playing golf for her school team, and was actually the only player from her school to qualify state! She loves the versatility of the sport; almost anyone can play regardless of age or typical athletic ability. Next year, Annie plans to apply to colleges where she plans to combine her love for computer science with her interest in history and politics. Although this may seem like an unlikely paring of interests, she believes that technology reaches all aspects of our lives and can be used to enhance any subject.