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Naomi is a taekwondo athlete who aspires to major in computer science. She has taken PLTW classes at her school to help get an idea of what exactly she wants to do. She joined the Robotics team in 2018 and got a better insight on how codes work to get a robot to move. Naomi has always been interested in creating something that she can come up with that can be a significant help to society. The thought of making her unrealistic idea to become a part of reality is mind-blowing! There is so much she is capable of doing that can contribute to society positively. She feels like it starts with us, this generation, to make a difference in society. Naomi is interested in making technology that will help prevent common disasters that occur in society. She consistently creates and adds ideas to her engineering notebook that she plans to get patented before she graduates in 2020. In the summer of 2019, she went to the Envision program for engineering at UC Berkeley where she and other students worked on a project. That project was to come up with a water tower concept for Cambodia. As a taekwondo athlete, she's been a Minnesota State Champion for her sparring weight classes since 2014 and a USA Taekwondo National medalist since 2016. In 2018, she made the Junior USA Taekwondo national team for -55 kg sparring. This gave her the opportunity to represent that USA and compete at the Junior Worlds in Tunis, Tunisia.