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Arundhati is a current sophomore at West High School, located in Salt Lake City, UT. She took her first steps into the computer science field in the seventh grade, when she was asked by her dad to program her bedroom lights to switch off whenever she left for school. With the help of her cousin, she was able to learn basic Java and was able to get the lights to turn on and off at her choice. Ever since she was able to program those lights, she started looking for computer science courses at her school. Taking computer programming in the 8th grade, and subsequently AP Computer Science Principles in the 9th grade. With the APCSP course she was able to complete her own app, a simulated Salt Lake City mayoral election, where users could "vote" for their specific candidates, and immediate results were accumulated into a pie chart. With this app, she was able to recieve a 5 on the AP exam. At the urging of her teacher, in the early summer she spoke to the Salt Lake City school board regarding a grant of greater funding for computer science and AP classes to be offered at every highschool throughout the valley. Her speech inspired the school board members, and a bill was passed granting funding to schools across the Salt Lake to invest in their own computer science programs. To date, this has been her greatest accomplishment in the computer science field, being able to inspire others, and give other students like her the opportunity to explore and to learn.