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Addison Finch is a freshman student at Panguitch High School. She has plans to graduate and go to college to be an animal therapist, jeweler, or something in fine arts. She has participated in baseball, basketball, volleyball, rodeo, dance, gymnastic, cheer, and soccer over the years. She likes to rodeo, sketch, watercolor and create. She will be attending college and has thought of UVU and SUU. She would like to study fine arts and photography. She hasn’t taken very many technology courses but has enjoyed the one she’s taken. She is currently taking photography and Photoshop but hopes to take more technology courses in the future. She taking debate and loves to learn new things. She can play the piano and is currently working on learning guitar. She has showed lambs and steers in her local stock show. She has worked at Subway and a local fast food joint. She is open minded and welcome to new ideas.