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Berklee is a sophomore at Panguitch High School in Panguitch, Utah. Her greatest technical accomplishment is taking Web Development, learning to program and designing websites. As a freshman, she was in Photography, learned how to use a DSLR camera and learned adobe Photoshop. She was also in Digital Media in 7th and 8th grade. In her sophomore web development class, she’s been learning how to make her own website. The website looks very nice. Since her freshman year, Berklee has been a part of the PHS Drill Team and FCCLA. Her future plans are to graduate high school, go to UVU, become a teacher of some sort, and have an amazing family. As of right now, Berklee would like to be at home watching Netflix, sleeping, or jamming out to music. Berklee is very interested in photography and wished her Web Development class went on more photo walks. She is a very caring and determined person. If there’s something she’s passionate about, she’s very dedicated.