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Carley started studying computer science and the Python language in grade 11 when she became curious about the topic. Since then, she has learned numerous skills in relation to computer programming and has applied these skills to various projects in her computer science courses, as well as strengthened her problem solving skills with the unique mindset she has gained. Carley's greatest technical accomplishment is the program she produced when she used her programming knowledge and skills in a setting outside that of her computer science class. When faced with a creative assignment in her French immersion course, Carley decided to create a “choose your own adventure” game in Python that directly satisfied the requirements for her French assignment. She presented her creative project as a piece of code whose purpose was to be played as a game in class and in the end, received positive feedback from her peers and teacher. As Carley's final semester of high school is approaching, she is preparing for graduation by researching various University programs in the field of engineering. Carley is interested in software engineering as well as architectural or civil engineering and has already compiled a list of post-secondary programs she is interested in applying to. Looking forward, Carley has a strong desire to continue expanding her knowledge of computer science as a general topic, and learn more about Python as well as other programming languages. She will continue to do so by attending a software engineering program in University or by looking for problems outside of school that can be solved with the use of technology to enhance and apply her skills.