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Cindy is a 16 student that attends C. W. Jeffery's C.I. and is in Grade 11. At her school, she is apart of the Este2M program that enriches in math, science and technology, and she is also apart of the LAWS program of Toronto. Cindy is a very hardworking and motivated student proven by her many past accomplishments. She sets standards for herself and is able to achieve them. She is active in clubs which include the Math club and the Outdoors club. To date, some of her academic awards in Grade 9 include receiving the highest average above her grade for French, English, Band, Computer Science--all of which she got the average of 97%--and Geography award. She had also obtained both Honour Rolls for both semesters. Cindy has over 250 volunteer hours by volunteering at various places such as her school, events, and canvassing for former TDSB Trustee Ward 7, Tiffany Ford; she continues to collect more hours throughout the next few years. Cindy's future career falls at a biochemical engineer. She hopes to attend York University, located in Toronto, taking her major in Biochemistry and obtaining a PEO. Cindy is a fantastic student achiever and is one of many examples of our future generation, especially of being female.