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Annie is someone who takes their work seriously, has a strong passion for computer science and anything related to it. Annie is also someone who very much enjoys solving both simple and complex issues. Although comfortable working on her own, she also gains a lot of satisfaction from working as part os a team on difficult and computing projects. She plans to go to university and continue computing for fun. There is a high possibility that Annie will study computer science, and probably be a software engineer. Some great achievements include: In November 2016, Annie received a goIT Student Technology Certificate. In June 2016, Annie went to an app development event with her class and received a Coding and App Development Certificate. In June 2017, Annie was one of four students in her school to be apart of a goIT competition. In February 2017, Annie was accepted into C.W. Jeffrey Esteem Program for Math & Computing, where only exactly 32 students were accepted from many applicants. By June 2019, Annie completed the Esteem program, but continued to do computer science (grade 12 computer science in grade 11) During the time of being apart of the Esteem program Annie participated in two U of Waterloo math contest. In June 2019, Annie got accepted into a Summer Research Program from YorkU Lassonde School of Engineering, and lastly, Annie has been receiving the academic honour roll since June 2016. In June 2020, Annie received the highest honour in the computer science class. Annie currently lives in Toronto, Ontario and goes to C.W. Jeffreys CI