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Jennifer Galicia is a student at Young Women’s College Preparatory Academy. As of now, she is not in any sports or clubs as they don’t fit her interests. She would like to be in a club soon when there is something that suits her interests. Sometimes Jennifer volunteers at a head start. Her hobbies are going out for a walk or riding her bicycle at the park. Jennifer would like to make wonderful memories in her high school STEM and Computer Science classes. Her favorite project from engineering was when she built an egg drop car. The most exciting part was when Jennifer and her team succeeded in building the car correctly, because when they dropped the car, there was not one scratch on the egg. Jennifer and her team felt relieved and proud. Jennifer enjoys mathematics when she understands how to solve the problems correctly. She also enjoys science since she is good at it. Science can be fun and interesting. For the new students to come, Jennifer says that being creative can take a big part in STEM. Being creative and open minded is something that will be expressed in STEM and/or Computer Science classes. She does not know what university or college she wants to attend, but she is interested in fashion and she will look forward to that.