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Heidi, a grade 11 student, has always been interested in STEM. She has been an enthusiastic computer science student since grade 1, and she has been active in the robotics community since grade 5. To date, she is most proud of having been an active member of FIRST LEGO League Team 3127 for 5 years, qualifying for provincials in 3 consecutive years and winning the Project Award, Robot Design Award, Teamwork Award, and Gracious Professionalism Award during those years. She has been an active member of VEX Robotics Team 416X and 416A for 3 years so far, starting as the Assistant Head of Strategy and becoming the Head of Strategy last year. She is also an avid programmer, having started competing in the ECOO-CS Programming Contest since grade 9 and qualifying for regionals with her team last year. Heidi is inspired by her teachers and former FLL mentors to be an advocate for STEM, and she is passionate about sharing her love for STEM with others. Most notably, she founded and serves as the inaugural head of St. Clement's School's STEM Committee. In this role, she promotes STEM for all students from grades 1-12, organizes STEM events within and outside of school, and advises student leaders of STEM teams and clubs. To share her passion for STEM with others, Heidi gives back to those who have inspired her by being a mentor for FLL Teams 3127, 3128, and 34986 and volunteering for VEX IQ Teams 647. Her favourite programming project so far has been combining her love for chemistry and programming by co-creating various programs to assist chemistry students. In the future, she would like to pursue computer science or engineering at university, and she would like to continue in her mission to inspire others in STEM.