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Mary is a 15-year-old student enrolled in multiple technology courses at and above her grade level. Since 2017, she has been a vital addition to the medical team for internationally inspired triathlons as the ‘go-to’ tech support person for emergent patient registration and treatment electronic documentation. She also enjoys assisting her peers during computer technology classes to ensure comprehension and enjoyment is shared between students well. Mary thrives at teaching systems and process improvement. She excels at designing, building, and programming robots to perform entertainment applications with plans to participate in the high school robotics team and travel for competitions within the province of Ontario next year. Mary is helping program the lighting for the Huntsville High School production of Newsies a broadway musical. Mary has shortlisted her post-secondary instruction choices to Trent University and the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. She has identified opportunities for research in materials science which will train her in chemistry, physics, biotech, and statistics to support interests in two meaningful domains; computer analysis of fluid distribution in difficult terrain to aid in forensic analysis and to develop technology that removes harmful effluents from mega manufacturers located throughout the globe to dramatically reduce harmful elements from entering the natural environment.