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Laura is a 17 year old junior from a small town called Shiocton. She has four siblings (three girls and one boy) and a dog named Max. Laura enjoys camping, water skiing, snowmobiling, and much more! Laura has always been interested in technology, but it didn’t surface until her friend really showed her the world of technology. Ever since then, Laura has been striving to be one of the best female IT professional. During her freshman year Laura was hired by her school to help their IT department. She was tasked with things such as: maintenance and repair of servers/switches and computers, assisting staff with technology complications, documenting her findings and solutions, creating keystones and Ethernet cable ends, and much more! She is continuing to work at her school and gain more and more experience. One of Laura’s biggest projects was when she had to run Ethernet cables from a server closet to a computer lab. She ran over 20 cables through the school and up stairs to the computer lab. She struggled with finding the easiest and most efficient way to run the cables. Once she was finished she had to make keystones and ends for the cables. Laura set up over 30 computers. This includes: bios updates, Windows updates, configuring, and imaging. Laura plans to go to attend Fox Valley Technical College to become a Cyber Security Professional. Specifically, Laura wants to become an ethical hacker. She hopes to help companies find and fix vulnerabilities before cyber criminals have a chance to exploit them. She hopes to be one of the best ethical female hackers in the world.