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Camie is a 10th grader in Logan High School. She is very excited to see the opening for NCWIT Aspirations in Computing Award. She grew up with 4-H Cache Maker and registered most STEM classes offered by 4-H like Python, c++, Raspberry PI, 3D printing, etc. Her science project won lots of prizes including National Broadcom Master Top 200, National CAST YEC science project competition (3rd) , National HOSA service Awards and numerous State Level awards. Most recently, she worked on a 5G Network project to help people locate indoor items. In order to bring to the table strong computer proficiencies, she went to Brown University to learn AI this past Summer. Please see the accompanying resume and recent projects for details of her experience and education. To her, America will be the strongest again only when technology is advancing! Her future plan is to improve her leadership skills along with the technical skills. She is serving as a 4-H Youth Council member and got TRY training, serving in Logan High School Student Government, leading Fundraising Events at Farmer’s market, leading Volunteering Performances at Assistant Living center, winning president award at Edith Bowen Lab School, leading Mount Middle School Green project, helping students in Logan High Hope Squad team, etc. Someday she would love to build a solid platform combining cutting technology, logical investment, caring education and healthy economics together. Right now, she is sharpening her skills by raising ideas to first spread and encourage the use of STEM through Cache Makers, especially among girls and women. She also coached girl code in USU App Camp in 2019 summer. Her dream school is MIT. She wants to study AI. She does cherish and appreciate this great opportunity. Please feel free to call, text or email with any question. Thank you for your time and consideration—I look forward to learning more about this opportunity! Sincerely, Camellia Yuan Enclosure: 1. Resume 2. My Engineer Projects ================================ Engineer Projects ================================ Year Project Description Awards 2019 The Next Generation Radiation Pressure Power Meter Utilizing Electromagnetic Waves Last year, I read an article ( in a summer camp and became extremely interested in it. In almost one whole year, I've stayed in a nonprofit open lab and built a this project to verify the theory of the author, Dr. A Ashkin, 2018 Nobel Prize Winner in Physics. "won 2 special awards at the ""Ritchey Science and Engineering Fair"": - Naval Science Award - Second Place AFA AEF Special Award Abstract: Precisely measuring the laser em" 2018 Ukulele Drummer for disablities Designed, programed and built a ukulele drummer as Christimas gift for a lady with muscular dystrophy She was very happy! 2018 The Acoustic Gunshot Detection and Analysis Applied in Antiterrorism On October 1st 2017, the nation’s worst massacre began at the Route 91 Harvest festival at Las Vegas, Nevada. People were rushing to get out of the area, not knowing where the shots were coming from. Later on, it took authorities more than an hour to reach the perpetrator’s room, according to the LosAngeles Times. This horrible incident caused 58 deaths and injured more than 851. I realized that the mass shooting would have less impact if only we knew where the source of the gunshots came from immediately. Moved to National Broadcom Top 300. 2017 Apply Defuelization in Space Travel I designed cheap, dollar store lasers to propel a small rocket car by photons as an example of defuelization. 1st Place in Ritchey Science Fair 2016 Utah Air Quality Detection and Purifying Created a PM detector to collect air samples and measurements at Cache Valley schools. Detectors were used at cache valley schools and proved the coorelationship between emission and PM value. Moutain Logan middle school approved the educational signs to prevent idling and car pooling policy based on scientific results. My project "Improving Utah’s Air Quality By Adjusting Human Activities." brought our school the proud reorganization as "Utah School of Year" by NEED (The National Energy Education Development) Project in 2016. 2015 Smart Design of LED Light Circuit Created a simple but efficient LED light switch with optimized circuirt board 1st Place in EBLS Science Fair