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Dara is a full International Baccalaureate (IB) student at Edmonds Woodway high school. She is studying towards a double science IB diploma in physics and biology. She is also taking full load of math classes culminating with Calculus 3. Since freshman year, Dara was an active member of the Knowledge Bowl team at her school. As a freshman, Dara was the only girl on the team. In her sophomore and junior years, serving as a Vice President of the club, Dara was able to recruit more girls to join the team. The team is very competitive and last year they placed third in the challenging state tournament. Now, in her senior year, Dara is the President of the club and is organizing inter-generational Trivia Nights together with folks from Edmonds Senior Center. Dara is hoping to leave a lasting legacy of the Knowledge Bowl in her school and community. After her junior year, Dara got accepted into the Summer Immersion Program at Girls Who Code (GWC). For seven weeks, she was learning different coding languages and working with other motivated young women. At the end of the program, Dara used her newly acquired knowledge to build a final project: Girls Who Empower website. Inspired by her experience at Girls Who Code, Dara and several other GWC alumni came together to organize a coding club at their high school. They hope to impact and introduce others girls into the exciting world of computer science. In her future studies, Dara now plans to go to a four year college to major in Computer Science with a minor in Psychology and/or Physics.