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Alisa can be described as an innovative, creative, inspiring, and dedicated young woman. She admires those who seek to escape from their comfort zones and try new things, which reflects the unpredictable nature of her personality. She is particularly proud of being a founding member of her school's new International Business Council. She leads proudly as secretary, often dealing with important documentation and planning of events for the council. She is a member of many clubs including Student Government Association, National Honors Society, and The Class of 2019. She prides herself in taking part in many activities to make a difference. But if you were to ask her for her favorite pastime overall, she would have one answer for you: volunteering. This is her ultimate passion, and she has been helping and giving back to the community consistently for 4 years now. Alisa is enrolled in a nursing program at her high school. In college, she hopes to continue nursing. She aspires to eventually become a nurse practitioner, working alongside doctors to create a change in the quality of healthcare and to leave her healing imprint on her patients. Alisa also is very interested in research projects and programs. One day, she hopes to conduct a lengthy study related to a whole foods, plant-based diet (since nutrition is one of the areas Alisa is passionate about). Her largest technological achievement to date would be her Senior Exhibition, an exhibition of knowledge and mastery related to her technical program (nursing). She created an online presentation analyzing various nutritional studies and how the data contributed to the understanding of various foods and their impact on human health.