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Just in the past couple weeks of Aleena being in computer science, her love for it has grown. Before taking computer science, Aleena has always been curious about how technology works. Even in Girl Scouts, she always took passion in the coding activities. However, she never truly considered pursuing computer since until taking it freshmen year. Aleena is amazed by the amount that simple lines of code can do. The exhilarating rush she gets from solving a difficult problem is what pulls her to computer science. Aleena has always had a dream to work in a big company, such as Google, and do a job that helps others live a more efficient life, and it is now clear that the field she wants to study to make her dream come true is computer science. Her plans after school are to go to a college with a great computer science program so she can use her knowledge and skills to better people’s lives. Aleena wants to be a part of the evolving world of technology.