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Like most students in high school, Wenny strives to do her best by taking AP courses, doing community services, and extracurricular activities such as sports and clubs. But what many people don’t know is that she has a huge passion for coding and computer science. She recently joined the robotics club and takes AP Computer Science A which is, of course, one of her favorite classes (other than math). Last year, she took a Computer Science class as a freshman and instantly found her love for coding. She was also accepted to the Institute of Creative Problem Solving for Gifted and Talented Students in SUNY Westbury College. One of her greatest technical accomplishment was coding her own digital portfolio last year that shows colleges her activities in high school. She was able to learn how to make her pages appealing while also making it informative and organized. At the same time, she learned how patience and problem solving was crucial in coding and there will be failures and mistakes before becoming successful. She also made a few projects that she felt proud of using the program called Scratch. Her plans for the future is to not only graduate high school with good grades but also become a software engineer for a big company such as Google or Microsoft. One of her biggest goals is to get into an Ivy League college such as Columbia, UPenn, or Cornell and earn a scholarship since she understands that her parents won’t be able to afford the tuition fees. Some projects she would like to study are other types of programs. Additionally, she would also like to get a degree in Computer Science in college.