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Anvitha has always loved computers and how it motivated/influenced the world. In Elementary school, Anvitha was seeking a middle school that matched those interests. She attended an all based technology school, Argyle Middle School, that enabled her to explore new avenues in the tech world, which boosted her passion. During her years of middle school, she was offered a chance to participate in the STEM Combinator Camp in Montgomery College based on her academic excellence. While there, she was able to discuss world/social problems with her team and how coding can solve it. Additionally, she was given the opportunity to show her leadership skills and help those who requested it. Today, Anvitha is a senior in Wheaton High School. Throughout her high school career, she has taken various classes in the arts and sciences. As a result, she was awarded the dual academic enrollment in the Global Studies Academy and the Information Technology Academy. Her goal is to change the world with code and somehow connect the coding world with the art world. Also, due to her academic excellence with coding in middle school, Anvitha achieved to advance into the sophomore level of coding during her freshman year. Anvitha plans to attend college in Fall 2019. Anvitha has many interests such as Information Technology, Chemistry, Behavioral Sciences, and anything involving Performing/Visual arts. She hopes to incorporate all these skills in her college life and beyond!