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Amy is a currently a senior from Tennessee attending Collierville High School. She enjoys participating in STEM extracurriculars. Amy is the President and Captain of CyberPatriot Club and the Secretary of Technology Student Association (TSA) at her school. Amy co-founded her school’s Coding Club at the beginning of her senior year and attracted over 40 members after the first announcement. She wants to use her stories to inspire her peers to get into the computer tech world. Amy’s tech journey started three years ago, the summer before her freshman year in high school. She registered for a summer program offered by CodeCrew, a non-profit organization for youth that exposes them to the possibilities of computer science careers. By the end of the summer, she had mastered the usage of MIT App Inventor, even building her own app and winning first place at the Hackathon competition. Her determination and passion to explore computer programming exponentially increases her creativity, productivity, and desire to learn. By the time Amy graduated from the extracurricular program during her sophomore year, the CodeCrew director recognized her potential and innovative mind, enthusiastically recommending her to an internship with Preteckt, Inc., a data science business that uses machine learning and artificial intelligence technologies for real-time analyzing, predicting, and alerting before expansive vehicle breakdowns. Since January 2017, Amy has been the Jr. Test Engineer at Preteckt. She programs, tests, and produces hardware units for the company. Amy also assists with Quality Assurance in software testing, building Python Django testing framework, and programming the Data Science Logs Blog with Hugo, a website development system. At Preteckt, Amy has learned not only computer science and the inner workings of a company. Amy’s journey to the tech world has been praised by Code Crew founders and its sponsors such as Memphis Grizzlies Foundation, FedEx, and Preteckt CEO Ken Sills. She was even invited to speak about her tech experiences at 3rd Chief Technology Officer of the United States Megan Smith's Tech Jobs Tour conference. One of her greatest technical accomplishments was her provisional patent titled "A Smart Parcel/Grocery/Food Delivery and Receiving Receptacle and System," which is an outdoor “refrigerated mailbox” with a lock only accessible by authorized delivery people and residents that receives and preserves deliveries such as groceries, restaurant delivered meals, valuable parcels while ensuring against theft. Amy is interested in studying computer science and business. Vaulting from the computer science and business programs in college with the interests and skills she possesses, Amy will build a solid foundation in computer science and business and climb to unprecedented achievements in data science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and entrepreneurship. Together with undergraduate research and co-op opportunities, her critical thinking and creativity will flourish. Amy strives to emerge from college as a cognitive, innovative, and confident person with inspired vision and undaunted perseverance to tackle challenges while she pursue a career in computer science after she graduates. She wants to continue her research in college, not only to learn technical skills to develop new applications and devices, but also to receive an excellent education in entrepreneurship, learn how to turn ideas and inventions into products, and take them to market. Amy's emergence into the technological world is accelerating, and she looks forward to broadening her horizons in her future endeavors.