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Gabriella has taken many rigorous courses in her attendance at Mt. Edgecumbe High School. She has successfully completed Anatomy and Physiology, Marine Biology, Intro to Fisheries, Accelerated English II, Advanced English III, Honors English IV, Advanced Engineering and Robotics, Peer Mentoring, and Pre-calculus. Gabriella will advance in her academic career by taking additional special courses: English 111, HARP Internship, Chemistry, and Advanced Engineering and Robotics for a second time. English 111 is a college course Gabriella will be attending at UAS to strengthen her excellent skills in English. She will also be taking the HARP Internship course at MEHS. HARP is a sea tech internship that focuses on the acoustics of marine mammals and records them through MatLab (programming scripts and functions). Gabriella is particularly proud of her outstanding academic accomplishments in English, Science, and her ability to quickly learn and adapt to the unfamiliar technologies of robotics specifically. Gabriella's greatest technical accomplishment is building the Eyewriter 2.0. Gabriella plans on attending the California Polytechnic State University to continue to enhance her education in Biomedical Engineering as well as Marine Sciences. Gabriella's future plans consist of studying the physiology of marine organisms to engineer prosthetics for people that are physically impaired. My ultimate reachable goal is to successfully engineer reinforced prosthetics that can withstand great amounts of pressure while being flexible and comfortable; take the structure of a Seahorse’s prehensile tail for instance.